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  1. Bodywork Sessions.   A bodywork session may be primarily shiatsu or primarily massage.   Shiatsu sessions are performed clothed, on a massage table.   Massage sessions are performed unclothed, draped with a sheet.   Spiritual Massage Lightbody Infusion treatments may be done either alone, clothed on the massage table, or combined with a massage treatment.   All bodywork sessions work energetically with music selected to complement the work therapeutically.
  2. "I can't remember the last time that I felt so mindful and tuned in to my body while staying with the warm energy that I felt through your hands.   I think you're the real deal...very skilled with a healer's heart."

  3. Crystal Light Therapy.   The crystal bed is a device with seven Vogel-cut quartz crystals suspended over the massage table, aimed at your chakras.   Colored lights pulse through the crystals to energize and balance the energy body.   The crystal bed comes from the healing center of John of God in Brazil, and the angels who work through John of God say that they work through the crystal bed wherever it is used in the world.   Many people have experiences of feeling hands on the body, quieting of the mind, release of pain or anxiety, sudden clarity about issues in their lives.   One client with a recurrence of cancer, which was confirmed by a biopsy, used the crystal bed for four days before beginning oncology treatments.   The following week, her symptoms disappeared, and further oncology tests showed no remaining signs of cancer.

    A crystal bed session is typically 45-60 minutes.

    " I am sending a testimony both for myself and my sister Elizabeth
    We met with Linda and did crystal work.   As a result of our work, my sister Elizabeth gave up sugar and has been without it for six months and flour for several months.   It has changed her life and given her an ability to be in control of her life, as opposed to having it control her.
    As for my experience, I was seeking clarity and balance.   And since our session, I have been able to work less and accomplish more.   I also am no longer chasing every party and trying to attain the unattainable.   My life has become much more balanced and I am taking the power back from the universe and feel far more in control of my life and my destiny.   The word
    no is becoming easier to say, and leaves a yes for someone else!
    Many blessings and if you have the opportunity to have a session, by all means RUN to it!"

  4. I am an authorized Guide for the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God's spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil.   As a guide, I make all of the arrangements for your trip to Abadiania, and I travel there with you to help you navigate through your healing process and act as an interpreter.   My next trip will be in January 2012, and I am also on call to accompany anyone who wants to go, at your convenience.   I have made 9 trips to the Casa since August 2007, and have been so uplifted by my experiences there that I want to help others connect with the miraculous healing offered by John of God.   I welcome calls to discuss the possibility of assisting your healing process by connecting you with John of God.
  5. Holistic Health Coaching.   A holistic health consultation is designed to provide guidance for your healing path.   The consultation may include some bodywork, to help spark your own inner guidance.
  6. "Linda Means has helped me to better health through her nutrition counselling and massage since 2004.   She is not only a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a wealth of knowledge and capabilities, but she is also an intuitive Shiatsu massage therapist and holistic healer.   These two sides of her personality are perfectly balanced and blended, allowing her to help others toward wellness on many levels according to their needs.   She is a bright, generous light on our planet! "

  7. Personal Research Studies.   A personal study uses a research framework to help you track your progress toward wellness.   I will consult with you to set up an indiviualized health survey, which tracks measures of effectiveness that reflect your wellness goals, and I provide a mechanism for you to record data and analyze results.
  8. Wellness Publications.   I am a professional writer and editor, and am happy to combine those skills with my expertise in natural healing.   Please contact me for help in developing materials for wellness-related websites, marketing tools, or other publications.