Now That's Unusual!

Cheryl and her sister booked back-to-back massage appointments with me.  The sister had received massage before, and wanted to introduce Cheryl to this experience.  Cheryl went first.  She was in her forties, in good health, no major physical problems, just some minor tension in her back.  I filled her in on what to expect: get undressed, get between the sheets face down, work on the back of the body, roll over, work on the front of the body, let me know if anything is uncomfortable, etc.  I left the room for Cheryl to get ready for her first massage.

From my perspective, Cheryl's massage seemed relatively uneventful.  She relaxed easily, let me move her body around freely, her muscles were well toned and easy to work with.  At times when I asked her if the pressure was comfortable, or how far did she want to go with this stretch, she barely responded; it was clear she was in the deep zone.

When we finished, I stood by and let Cheryl remain quietly on the table for a few minutes until she was ready to rejoin the world.  When she opened her eyes, I asked how she felt.  Fine, she said, then a moment's hesitation.  And another moment.  She seemed to have something on her mind, but was unsure whether to speak.  I waited, with an invitation in my eyes.  Finally Cheryl said, something unusual happened during the massage.  I prompted her to continue.  Well, she said, while you were working on me, I relived a past life experience.  I don't want to discuss it much, but I was in a snowy place in a horse-drawn carriage.  I was awake the whole time, I was aware of everything you were doing, but I was in another place and time.  I could even hear your music, which sounded strange because there were ocean sounds in the music, yet I was in an inland region.  I actually died during this experience.  But it was okay, I'm happy that I had this experience, I have a very nostalgic feeling for that life, and it was a healing experience for me.  But I was wondering, does this always happen during massage?  My sister never mentioned this part...

I said, no this doesn't always happen, it does happen sometimes, in addition to out-of-body travels and other mysterious experiences (I used to have a client who was in ancient Egypt during our sessions).  I asked, do you remember during what part of the massage this happened?

Cheryl's answer floored me:  The whole time!  It started the moment you put your hand on my back, and I knew the massage was over because the experience ended just then.

I said, Now that's unusual!