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Peacehope Newsletter 1
March 4, 2009


Dear Friends,


So many people want to stay up to date on the healing experiences happening through John of God in Brazil, so I am beginning to write an occasional newsletter to provide current information. 


If you do not want further email from me, please reply and ask me to unsubscribe you.


I have updated my website to add a page on John of God, with links to other sources of information:   The official website for John of God’s healing center is



My next trip to Brazil with my teacher Aparecida Sauer is planned for April 6-26, 2009.  We will spend three weeks at the Casa de Dom Inacio, making healing requests for ourselves and our friends, meditating and praying in the current room, meeting people from all over the world, and marinating in the love bath that is the Casa.  I am so excited about this trip; in the past I have only gone for two weeks at a time, and I know that this extra week will help me to dive deeper than ever into my healing process.


I am again offering to take pictures of friends and clients to the Casa for long-distance healing.  Here are some of the experiences that I’ve heard or observed with people whose pictures were taken to the Casa in November:


·         A friend asked me to take pictures of her and her ex-husband.  She had been suffering from emotional attachment to her ex, wanting to get back together with him but at the same time knowing that it was an impossible dream.  She asked me to take both of their pictures, requesting help for both of them to move on from their relationship.  She called me in December to thank me; she said that she feels totally clear and free of this attachment, her heart is very peaceful, and she knows that this shift was a result of the healing in Brazil.


·         A friend went to Brazil with us in April, and couldn’t make the trip again in November.  She was very mentally unfocused and subject to extreme emotional disturbances, and asked for healing for clear thinking and emotional balance.  She also called in December, saying that she felt so much better, and she knew that this healing came from John of God.  I could hear a big difference talking to her on the phone.  Previously she was so scattered mentally that it was hard to hold a conversation; in December our conversation was very focused and clear.


·         A friend took her daughter’s picture to the Casa and asked for help for her to get pregnant (she had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half).  The Entity prescribed herbs for the daughter, which the mom brought home to her daughter.  Six weeks later, she found out that she was pregnant.


·         A client has Parkinson’s disease, and I work with her every week.  I took her picture to the Casa for the first time in November.  She had become more and more debilitated last summer and fall; sometimes we could only work with her lying face up because she couldn’t manage to get onto the massage table face down.  In the past two months, she is doing better and better.  I marvel each week when I see her scoot onto the table and lie face down, roll over easily onto her back, and sit up easily afterwards.  Her shoulders used to be so stiff that I could barely move them; now I can rotate and dangle her shoulders with much ease of movement.  She told me recently: doctors say that you can’t get better from this disease, but I am getting better!


So I will be very happy to take any pictures with me again in April.  You can email me a picture of you and you alone, with the following information that I will need to write on the back:  your full name, full date of birth, full address or current physical location, and your specific request for healing (up to three things).  Your healing request can relate to anything physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, life-related.  I’ve asked for help with cognitive blockages, memory, relationships, old emotional patterns and trauma, and help in moving my work forward.  I forgot to ask for help to heal my writers block, but they just took care of that for me anyhow!


If I take your picture to the Casa, there are two different things I can do with it:


1.      I can pray with it in the Current room, and leave it in the healing triangle.  They take pictures from the triangle every day and give them to John of God for healing.  The pictures I took in November were all handled in this way.


2.      I can stand in line and give your picture to John of God for direct intervention.  If I do this, he may write a prescription for herbs for you to take (very probable), or he may request that you come to Brazil yourself for healing in person.  The herbs are capsules filled with passionflower, which is a mild herbal remedy.  The herbal medicine itself isn’t really the healing mechanism, rather just the vehicle.  The capsules are charged vibrationally to open your energy field for healing three times a day when you take the herbs.  So while you are taking this medicine, you are getting a vibrational attunement every day.  Typically they provide about two months of herbs in one prescription (in November I ended up with three prescriptions for myself, so I have herbs to last me through May!). 


If I stand in line with your picture, you should be prepared to follow through with whatever they might ask you to do for your healing.  There is a good chance that they will prescribe herbs, and I would need to ask you to reimburse me for the cost of the herbs, which is typically about $25 US.  And for the duration of the time that you take the herbs, you need to eliminate pepper, pork, and alcohol from your diet.  So please only ask me to stand in line with your picture if you are sure that you can comply with these requirements.  Otherwise, I’ve found it very effective to just sit with pictures in the Current room and leave them in the Triangle.  I have been doing that with my sons’ pictures on each trip, and have seen tremendous emotional healing in both of them during the past year and a half.



I would like to mention a couple of other things about my website:


·         I’ve published a story about my own personal healing journey from cancer beginning in 1996.  I had resisted writing this story for a few years because it is so personal, but as part of my own healing process in Brazil, my fear about this has lifted and I hope that my story might help others.  I would love to hear feedback from anyone about what I have written.  Go to and click on God Tapped Me On The Shoulder And I Woke Up.  This story will be one chapter in a book that I am writing about several people’s journeys of deep transformational healing.


·         I have made many updates to my website, and would love to update my page of client testimonials.  If anyone feels inspired to write something about your experiences in our healing sessions, I would be honored and grateful to add to my website.  You can see what is already there on  If you would like to contribute something, you can email it to me and please specify how you want to be identified: it may be your full name, first name only, your initials, a pseudonym, whatever you like.



 I am doing a 90-minute guest appearance on Blog Talk Radio's All We Are program on March 14, 2009 at 9pm EST.  You can listen to the taped show here:



Thank you, thank you, thank you Dear Ones for being in my life.


Big love to all,