Massage/Music Fusion

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Music Fusion Massage is a 21st-Century Massage concept which integrates music therapy with massage therapy.   Rhythm, sacred chanting, and gorgeous melodies are combined with massage, rocking, body drumming, body movement, and stretching to create the ultimate synergistic massage/music experience.

The origins of music therapy go back thousands of years, for as long as humans have used drumming as a sacred healing ritual.   In modern times, many characteristics of music have been studied therapeutically in controlled experiments:

  • Rhythm has been used to stimulate brain activity for learning.
  • Rhythm has been used to improve concentration and test performance and reduce behavioral problems in children with ADD.
  • Rhythm has been used in physical therapy to stabilize movement control in brain-injured people.
  • Music has been used to reduce the amount of pain-killing medication needed by surgical patients.
  • Specific frequencies activate specific neurons in the cerebral cortex.
  • Music lowers blood pressure and respiration rates, and increases the production of endorphins.
  • Specific kinds of music have been found to slow the brainwaves to induce an alpha or theta or delta wave state, which are deeply-relaxed, hypnotic states.

Listening to music involves numerous dimensions of sound healing:

  • Different rhythms and tempos may have either a sedating yin effect on our physiology, or a stimulating yang effect.
  • Specific tones have been used for centuries in sacred chanting to produce particular healing effects.
  • Captivating rhythms and melodies help focus the attention to induce a meditative state

Music can be customized to serve specific healing purposes in a massage session.   The Music Fusion Massage therapist determines the predominant energy blueprint needed to support the healing intentions for the massage session, and customizes a playlist that creates effective energetic support for the session.   The music for each session cycles back and forth between yin and yang energy, calming energy and stimulating energy, creating a balanced energetic arc for the entire session, with an energetic theme engineered specially for your therapeutic needs.

Then Music Fusion Massage goes even further!   In addition to selecting music which complements the energetic intent of the treatment, the therapist brings the music into the forefront of the session by allowing the music to guide the session, matching the movements in the massage to the rhythm and phrasing of the music.   The therapist brings the music through her own body, moving with it and injecting the music into the client's body.   So the therapeutic benefits of the music which occur simply by listening to musical sounds are amplified by the feeling of the music in the body.

Contact Linda to experience this rare and unique form of bodywork.

21st Century Music is music which is vibrationally positive, balanced energetically, and performed as a sacred gift.   My favorite 21st Century Music has beautiful, moving melodies, contagious rhythm, and uplifing lyrics or ancient chanting.   This is the music that I choose for massage.  

Here is some of my favorite massage music.   The list is ever-growing and changing.   If you love this music too, please contact me to share some of your favorites!

Deva Premal: The Essence, Embrace, Love is Space, Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra, Trusting the Silence (Miten & Premal)

Rasa: Union, Saffron Blue, Devotion

Sophia: Return, Hidden Waters Sacred Ground, Spirit Healing Chants, Chakra Healing Chants, Emergence

David & Steve Gordon: Drum Medicine

Harmonix Ensemble: Kava Kava, Ginseng

Soulfood: Spiritual Massage

Gabrielle Roth/Boris Grebenshikov: Refuge

Craig Pruess: 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine

Casa de Padre Pio: Cancoes de un Mar Infinito

Healing Music Project: Volume 3, Radiance

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: Alone in Iz World

Mary Youngblood: Beneath the Raven Moon, The Offering