How to Receive a Massage

Before You Arrive

Please bathe on the day of your massage.

Allow plenty of time before and after your appointment to check in, discuss your needs with the therapist, get on the table, and get going afterwards.

Before Your Massage

Tell your massage therapist about any recent injuries, open wounds, or body problems that need attention.   Be sure to mention medical conditions like high blood pressure, infections, cancers, heart problems, acute pain, chronic headaches, varicose veins, or recent surgeries.

Think about everything you would like to put into the healing field for your session, including emotional problems or worries.   You can share these things with the therapist, or you can keep them to yourself.   Ask any questions that will help you feel safe and informed.

Remove as much clothing as is comfortable for you, and remove jewelry.   You will be covered with a sheet for privacy and for warmth.

During Your Massage

This is a good time to relax! You will probably want to stay mostly quiet.   Chatting prevents you from reaching that deep relaxation state which is essential for deep healing.   Also, the work is most effective therapeutically when your therapist's attention is focused and meditative, which facilitates a strong energy healing experience.

Tell your therapist immediately if anything feels uncomfortable, especially any pressure that is painful.   The session is intended to meet your needs, not your therapist's needs, so don't be shy to speak up about anything that keeps you from feeling 100% comfortable.   Deep healing comes in a state of total bliss.

Invite your arms, legs, and neck to be completely limp.   This will enable your massage therapist to move you into various positions with your muscles perfectly relaxed.

After Your Massage

Drink lots of water to aid the detoxification process which is stimulated by the bodywork.

The body continues to respond to the work for a couple of days as your energy field is reorganizing, so just let the healing continue.   Stretch, smile, breathe, feel lighter, give thanks.   You deserve to be healed!

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