Holistic Health Coaching

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Would you like to feel healthier, more energetic, happier in your life?   This may be easier and more fun than you think!

The term "holistic" refers to the concept that everything in our organism is connected with everything else.   The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies all mirror each other.   This means that any imbalance in one aspect of your life is reflected in all other dimensions of your life: physical imbalances manifest emotionally, emotional imbalances manifest psychologically, and so on.   It also means that you can improve your physical health via shifts in emotional patterns, and vice versa.

Our health, happiness, and vitality shift in response to everything that we experience: every breath of air that we take in, every bite of food that we eat, every thought that we think, every interaction with another person, the music that we listen to, the color of our clothing, our posture and body movements, our facial expressions, and more.   So our state of wellness is constantly changing.   But our habitual patterns keep moving our energy in habitual directions, some of which are not healthy.   By changing any of our patterns in a healthy direction, we shift our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies correspondingly.

"Linda has worked hard to achieve a broad knowledge of many holistic issues.   She has extended herself to me as a coach on topics such as: Esalen massage, cancer client issues, healthful diet, and exercise lifestyle changes.   She has frequently added to her discussions with me by providing reading materials and pertinent websites.   She consistently keeps an open mind, strives to broaden her knowledge, and shares that spirit of evolving change with her clients. "

Here's the very good news: because our general state of wellness and happiness is affected by literally thousands of things in our lives, there are thousands of ways in which we can work to become healthier and happier.   All you have to do is commit to bringing new healthy activities into your life, and choose new practices that you love and resonate with.   There is no one-size-fits-all method which is essential for your healing.   You don't have to change your diet, or do yoga, or meditate if this does not appeal to you.   If you dislike and resist a "healing" practice, it probably isn't doing you much good!

There are thousands of methods: Dance, sing, paint, play the dulcimer, pray, stretch, chant, bless people, grow medicinal herbs, drum, get acupuncture, get a massage, eat berries, rock babies, breathe, laugh, press on your acupressure points, swim, do tai chi, wear healing gemstones, do healing visualizations, etc.

If you choose the right practices and use them to bring awareness to your healing process, you are on the road to better health.   And the more healing practices you bring into your life, the more avenues lead to your wellness, and the less you are perpetuating old unhealthy patterns.

Linda can work with you as a healing coach to help you explore your patterns and needs, and help you to identify and initiate new healing practices in your life.   Linda can also set up a personal research study to help you track the benefits of your healing program.   Contact Linda for a consultation.