Gloria: Thank You Jesus massage

    Gloria's sister booked a massage appointment for her at a spa where I was working.  Because the sister said that Gloria had cancer, the receptionist directed her to me.  Gloria lived out of state, but was traveling to my region once a month, where her sister also lived, to receive treatment for advanced cancer of the liver. She was in tremendous pain, so her sister was looking for help in providing relief and comfort.

    When I met Gloria in the reception area, she was clearly weak and pain-ridden.  She could barely speak to answer questions about her condition, so her sister filled me in on her cancer treatment and current condition.  Gloria's sister helped her to undress and get on the massage table, then left us alone.

    Gloria indicated that she had acute pain in the area of her liver.  So I began the session with Gloria lying face up. I filled my hands with the feeling of "help has arrived!", and laid my hands over her liver.  I kept my hands still in this position for probably 10 or 15 minutes, while I breathed deeply and poured loving comfort into her liver.  After some time, Gloria began to softly moan: "thank you Jesus, the pain is leaving, I can feel it draining out of me, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus."  I responded by whispering, "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus."  I continued to hold her liver for a few more minutes, while both of us whispered "thank you Jesus" over and over again.  Then, with both of us continuing to murmur "thank you Jesus", I gently massaged and rocked and stretched and cradled her whole body, returning again and again to comfort the liver.  For 45 minutes, Gloria and I whispered "thank you Jesus."  These words came from such a deep place in Gloria that I doubt she was even conscious of saying them.

    I never saw Gloria again.  Her sister booked an appointment for herself a couple of months later, and told me that Gloria had passed away about two weeks after I had worked with her.  I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to provide that bodywork for Gloria.  I suspect that it was probably the first time in a long while that she had felt pleasure and comfort in her body, and probably the last time too.  It was as much a gift for me as it was for her.  Thank you Jesus.