Esalen Massage

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"Linda has an incredible sensitivity that makes her talent translatable to anyone in their own terms.   For me Esalen massage is a true wonder; it is healing as well as opening you up to new insights and awareness.   It touches a core... Linda is a gem. "

Esalen Massage is a 21st Century approach to bodywork that has been developed over the past 45 years by a group of therapists at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.   The Esalen Institute was founded to explore all dimensions of human potential and self growth, integrating innovative techniques and ancient practices from all over the world.   Esalen Massage was developed as the bodywork component of this work: a tool for facilitating and accelerating human healing and evolution.

Esalen Massage is not a technique, or a massage routine.   It is an approach based on principles of presence, attention, intention, compassion, holism, and energy resonance.   It borrows from practices like yoga and meditation, in the way the practioner uses her attention and her body, as well as the effect that the practitioner facilitates in the client.

"To say Linda is a true healer is obvious... to say she gives wonderful massages is an say she is able to focus her life energy to help you unlock whatever barriers that may be keeping yours in check is about as close as I can describe what I experienced.   If you are feeling any kind of pain in your life, I urge you to lower your shields long enough to allow Linda to touch your heart.   If you do, you may discover a change you can REALLY believe in! "

The first time that I received Esalen Massage, from Jan Rapoport in Michigan, I was astonished.   I had never received massage that went so deep, emotionally and spiritually, and felt so complete in my body.   I returned once a week for three months, after which time I was so deeply healed and inspired that I traveled to the Esalen Institute the following month for my first Esalen Massage class, and continued traveling there for two years to complete the Esalen 500-hour certification program, specializing in Energy Healing.   So I can understand why so many clients say that it is the best massage they have ever received, because that was my reaction too.

Every Esalen massage is different, depending on the various techniques that each therapist brings into the session, and the needs of the individual client at a given time.   But all Esalen massage is characterized by exquisite attention and flow, presence, and techniques that address the body as a whole, not just a collection of parts.

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