Clients Say...

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      In a word "Magical", Linda creates a confluence of holistic, emotional, physical and spiritual energies to make a massage what it must have been like at their inception thousands of years ago.   She choreographs a symphony of sound, movement and presence that left this customer, on one occasion, witnessing the event from across the room while being worked on the table.   I don't know how she does it but to those open to a complete experience Linda is one of the best guides that I'm aware of.   I look forward to my next massage each time I leave the table.
-- Steve from Milford

      It is not often you meet someone who has found their Element in life and does it so well; but when you can receive the gifts such a person has to offer you, it is hard to describe the joy of the experience.   It is even better when this person can help you learn and grow beyond what you were before.   Somehow, Linda came into my life exactly when I needed her help, and she was able to reach into my soul to awaken something which had long lay dormant.   To say she is a true healer is obvious... to say she gives wonderful massages is an say she is able to focus her life energy to help you unlock whatever barriers that may be keeping yours in check is about as close as I can describe what I experienced.   If you are feeling any kind of pain in your life, I urge you to lower your shields long enough to allow Linda to touch your heart.   If you do, you may discover a change you can REALLY believe in!
-- David Disheroon

      Linda has an incredible sensitivity that makes her talent translatable to anyone in their own terms.   For me Esalen massage is a true wonder; it is healing as well as opening you up to new insights and awareness.   It touches a core... Linda is a gem.
-- Carol Smaldino, CSW

      Just wanted to tell you that the massage I experienced with you was nothing short of exquisite! I have tried many therapists before, in different states, even, and NEVER had a massage quite like the one I had with you. The massage completely addressed my whole body, and unlike other massages I had, I was able to stay present (and not fall asleep) while still being completely and utterly relaxed. I woke up today without stiffness in my neck for the first time in what I remember to be many years. My mid back is completely fluid, I am moving like a 20 year old again! The release that I felt and still feel in my neck is remarkable. Even if I didn't need a follow up for pain reasons, I would come back over and over just for the experience! In past massages, I could almost guess what was coming next. "She did my foot, OK, now my calf, next is the back of the thigh," etc. With you, I almost didn't know when you moved from one part to the next. It was a complete leg, and leg with lower back, lower back and upper, upper back with arms, and on and on. I loved it - the feeling almost reminded me of the rhythm of the ocean waves and they come into shore, and then go back out again. The only thing better than getting a massage from you would be getting a massage from you NEXT to the ocean! I am recommending your therapy to everyone I know, and have not stopped talking about it since I came back from the appointment. I want everyone to experience what I did, and understand what a real, complete massage should be. Your work is truly, truly amazing! Thank you so much!
-- Kara

      I am sending a testimony both for myself and my sister Elizabeth
      We met with Linda and did crystal work.   As a result of our work, my sister Elizabeth gave up sugar and has been without it for six months and flour for several months.   It has changed her life and given her an ability to be in control of her life, as opposed to having it control her.
      As for my experience, I was seeking clarity and balance.   And since our session, I have been able to work less and accomplish more.   I also am no longer chasing every party and trying to attain the unattainable.   My life has become much more balanced and I am taking the power back from the universe and feel far more in control of my life and my destiny.   The word
no is becoming easier to say, and leaves a yes for someone else!
      Many blessings and if you have the opportunity to have a session, by all means RUN to it!
-- Pamela

I feel SO much looser!   I also can't remember the last time that I felt so mindful and tuned in to my body while staying with the warm energy that I felt through your hands.   Thank you, Linda, for your generous sharing of your time and energy.   I can get bored easily and get fidgety, but I felt like I could have happily have laid on your table enjoying your touch and Goddess energy even longer, as I was just soaking up and taking in!   I think you're the real deal...very skilled with a healer's heart.
-- Jeff Cohen

      Linda, I have to tell you that was the best massage experience I've ever had (no, I am not "blowing smoke" when I say that).   What a nice balance between talking, learning and becoming comfortable at the beginning, therapeutic intervention, and just plain good feeling sensuality.  You do have a gift, and I feel very fortunate to know you and to be experiencing your talents and ability to give of yourself.   What a rare and wonderful find.
-- Tom

      Linda's work is a true gift.   Her wonderful touch and very healing massage took my healing to a new level.
-- DJ

      Linda has a mild and supportive manner which puts the client at ease and creates a holistic healing environment.   She takes a genuine concern for her client and fosters an open, interactive atmosphere.
      Linda has obtained a mastery of the Esalen style of massage; I have literally "floated" out of a massage session.   It is truly a very relaxing experience which brings about renewal and a wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit.
      Linda has worked hard to achieve a broad knowledge of many holistic issues.   She has extended herself to me as a coach on topics such as: Esalen massage, cancer client issues, healthful diet, and exercise lifestyle changes.   She has frequently added to her discussions with me by providing reading materials and pertinent websites.   She consistently keeps an open mind, strives to broaden her knowledge, and shares that spirit of evolving change with her clients.


      Without Linda's expert, caring, warm, and stress-relieving Esalen-style massages (with her own refined and energy-enriching variations) I do not think I could have gotten through the many hurdles I had to overcome in my high stress job.   I have recommended her to a great many of my friends and she has had universal praise and wishes for more massages from them.   I can recommend her with the highest possible endorsement!

      Linda, just a few follow up thoughts on last Saturday's massage:
1. It was far and away the most relaxing massage I have ever had.
2. My neck and shoulders feel great.   My lower back is still going through some adjustments, but is doing well.
3. Your dedication to your work is very evident.   It makes the experience very personal and I felt connected to you during the massage.   I had to resist the urge to hug you on the way out the door and I am not a huggy, touchy, feely guy by nature, so it actually startled me a little bit as I walked to my car.
4.   You seem like a good and genuine person, which is probably not crucial to the therapeutic process, but it certainly enhances the whole relaxing experience.   I felt very at ease talking with you.
5.   I look forward to working with you in the future.

-- P.

      My experience with Linda as facilitator to my health is highly commendable.   Linda gifts loving intentions along with her unique skills in her massage practice.   I personally feel fortunately blessed to be one of the receivers of her special gifts.   Linda promises to gift her clients with an loving energetic healing experience as well as her trained and experienced 'Esalen' hands.   My personal experiences with her have been nothing short of amazing, mere words can not provide what the actual experience will encompass.   She has a unique gift and I would recommend to you all, first hand experience.   I promise you will not be disappointed.
-- Sincerely, Michelle Watts

      Linda has helped me to better health through her nutrition counselling and massage since 2004.   She is not only a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a wealth of knowledge and capabilities, but she is also an intuitive Shiatsu massage therapist and holistic healer.   These two sides of her personality are perfectly balanced and blended, allowing her to help others toward wellness on many levels according to their needs.   She is a bright, generous light on our planet!
-- Joan Cobb Hopkins

      I am forever grateful not only for your wonderful massages in times of stress, but also, for your loving friendship.   Although we are not within close proximity anymore, I will always use you as my baseline for future healing massages as well as for my friendships wherever life's path takes me.
-- Laura