Gina's Broken Heart   
What do you need today? I asked Gina before our first session. Her response:  my little heart is broken.  I am suffering so much from the breakup of a relationship, and I can't understand how someone could be so cruel and hateful to me; I try to be a loving, kind person with everyone.  These thoughts just keep coming into my head, I know I need to stop thinking about it, but I can't, the thoughts just come back all the time, even in my sleep.  I've gained a lot of weight because I am so stuck emotionally, I want to move on but I just can't relieve the way my mind keeps thinking.  Plus my back started hurting me last week, and I never have back problems, I think it's because of the emotional stress.  Can you help me?  

I think I can, I told Gina.  Let's combine Esalen massage to relieve muscle tension with Spiritual Massage, a Brazilian energy healing treatment that helps you to let go of old emotional patterns and clears energy blockages, enabling you to come into your body fully and be your own healer. 

We began the session with Gina lying face down, using Esalen massage to relax her, relieve muscle tension in the back, and get energy moving throughout the body.  When Gina turned over to lie face up, we began her Spiritual Massage Lightbody Infusion treatment.  During each phase of the treatment, I spoke briefly and softly to describe the work that I was doing, to help Gina bring her awareness and participation to the process.  I began by opening the energy field over key chakras, to faciliate the energy extraction that I would do subsequently in those areas.  This was followed by a physical pass, to extract unneeded energy from the whole body, helping to release energy blockages which may be interfering with optimal physical functioning.  Next, I mixed earth energy and celestial energy in my body and injected this mixture into Gina's body.  Then I focused on extracting unneeded energy from several areas in the energy field:  scooping out excess energy stuck in the belly, removing armoring over the heart, cleansing the ears and eyes of sights and sounds which have been hurtful to Gina, and extracting old thought patterns from the brain which were not serving Gina well.  Now that Gina's energy body was cleansed of old unneeded energy, I encouraged Gina to come into her body and tap into her innate healing intelligence, using my hands as a mirror to help her regain her equilibrium and fill herself with light.  We finished her massage session with Esalen massage, gently stretching the whole body and releasing more tension from muscles.

When the session ended, Gina opened her eyes and looked at me with awe.  She said, I feel like a new person, I feel so much lighter!  I know I can just move ahead now instead of going back to where I was stuck.  I could see the transformation in her eyes, her smile, her skin, her posture.  I watched a beautiful happy Gina walk out of the massage studio into her new life.