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Articles by Linda Means

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Dimensions of Holistic Massage -- an overview of Holistic Massage principles and techniques for massage therapists.   Massage & Bodywork Magazine, November/December 2009.

Healing Vibrations -- a comprehensive look at the use of music in during massage to produce desired energetic effects, slow the brainwaves to induce deep relaxation, captivate the attention to quiet the mind, open the client’s emotional and spiritual body, and inject a musical experience kinesthetically into the body.   Massage Magazine, February 2010.

Kundalini and the Massage Therapist -- a chronicle of hands-on experiences in working with client kundalini activation during bodywork sessions.   Copyright 2009, Linda Gertrude Means.


John of God at the Casa de Dom Inácio, Abadiania, Brazil -- my impressions of the healing process at John of God's healing center, where I have been visiting two or three times a year.   Copyright 2009, Linda Gertrude Means.

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