21st Century Massage

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"In a word 'Magical', Linda creates a confluence of holistic, emotional, physical and spiritual energies to make a massage what it must have been like at their inception thousands of years ago.   She choreographs a symphony of sound, movement and presence that left this customer, on one occasion, witnessing the event from across the room while being worked on the table.   I don't know how she does it but to those open to a complete experience Linda is one of the best guides that I'm aware of.   I look forward to my next massage each time I leave the table. "

21st Century Massage heals more than just your tight muscles.   21st Century Massage guides you into a place of wholeness, connection, communion, bliss, where you feel loved and listened to, where your organism vibrates at the highest frequency.

20th Century Swedish massage therapists were trained primarily as muscle technicians.   21st Century Holistic Massage therapists focus on clearing the energy channels that connect all organs of your body, balancing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies, moving all physiological functions back toward normal, while also releasing muscle tension in a gentle, natural way.

Linda is a certified Esalen Massage therapist.   Esalen Massage is a form of 21st Century Massage which slows the brainwaves and guides you into a state of mind and body in which you feel safe and nurtured and are receptive to positive change.   Esalen Massage uses techniques to help you feel your whole body and feel the wholeness of your body, with long strokes from fingertips to toes, working on the right and left simultaneously, and the front and back of the body at the same time.   This helps to reawaken your body's memories of how everything is connected and works together.

We look for the perfect pressure that your muscles want and need, without reaching the level of pain.   Pain is not therapeutically effective during massage.   Our muscles tense up in response to pain, which is the opposite of the desired effect.   Pain prevents you from experiencing bliss.   The sensitive Esalen Massage approach gentles the body into releasing tension, and induces a feeling of relief for those muscles that have been crying out for help.   Read stories about 21st-Century Massage sessions.

"Linda has a mild and supportive manner which puts the client at ease and creates a holistic healing environment.   She takes a genuine concern for her client and fosters an open, interactive atmosphere.  Linda has obtained a mastery of the Esalen style of massage; I have literally 'floated' out of a massage session.   It is truly a very relaxing experience which brings about renewal and a wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit. "

The gentle, nurturing touch of Esalen Massage is perfect for people in all stages of cancer treatment and recovery.   Linda was a corporate research scientist when she first experienced Esalen Massage , and she changed her profession in order to do this work for people living with cancer.   Based on her own experiences as a cancer patient, Linda realized that the deep healing effects of Esalen Massage are essential for recovery from cancer.

Esalen Massage has a balancing, grounding effect on the emotional body.   It can be used specifically to take the edge off of a state of emotional distress, helping you to deal with your life problems in a calmer, clearer way.   This work is recommended for clients who may be feeling overwhelmed by fear, panic, anxiety, grief, or other emotional hardship.   Your Esalen Massage therapist works in a loving, gentle, accepting way to help you feel quieter and more peaceful about your life situation, to enable you to work through your difficulties more gracefully.


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